10 Most Searched Places To Travel in the US in 2023.

Based on recent data and trends, here are the 10 most-searched travel destinations in the US by US citizens in 2023

10. Orlando, Florida

Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld.

9. Honolulu, Hawaii

Pristine beaches, volcanic landscapes, and vibrant Polynesian culture.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

casinos, shows, fine dining, and endless nightlife.

7. Miami, Florida

Beautiful beaches, Art Deco architecture, vibrant nightlife, and Latin American culture.

6. Maui, Hawaii

stunning coastline, diverse landscapes.

5. New York City

historical powerhouse, offering iconic landmarks, world-class museums, and Broadway shows.

4. Los Angeles, California

Home of Hollywood, Disneyland, stunning beaches.

3. Denver, Colorado

stunning mountain scenery, a thriving craft beer scene, and outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

beautiful beaches, Spanish colonial architecture, and delicious cuisine.

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Sandy beaches, family-friendly attractions, and affordable vacation rentals.

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