7 Toddler Airplane Ttravel Essentials in 2024

7. Carry-on Bag

Get a carry-on bag suitable for your child to handle and use. 

6. Entertainment

Bring along lots of games, books, and toys to keep your youngster amused on the journey.

5. Change of Clothes

If your child spills, bring at least one additional change of clothes.

4. Diapers and Wipes

Take enough wipes and nappies for the entire trip if your kid is still in diapers. 

3. Sippy Cup

Bring along your toddler's sippy cup or pacifier for the flight if they use one. 

2. Hand Sanitizer

Kids are more at risk of getting sick from germs, so keep a hand sanitizer with you.

1. Ziploc Bags

Bring along some Ziploc bags to store wet wipes, food, and filthy clothing.