Did you know why Lowry Park Zoo is so famous?

Vast Collection and Diverse Species Lowry Park Zoo boasts an impressive collection of over 1,300 animals representing over 350 species.

Naturalistic Habitats The zoo strives to replicate the natural habitats of its animals, creating immersive environments that mimic their native ecosystems.

The zoo is home to one of the largest populations of Florida panthers in captivity, as well as other critically endangered animals like the Amur leopard and the golden lion tamarin.

Unique and Endangered Species Lowry Park Zoo holds a special place in conservation efforts, focusing on endangered and threatened species.

Educational Programs and Conservation Efforts The zoo actively engages in educational programs that promote conservation awareness and inspire visitors to take action for wildlife.

Lowry Park Zoo plays an integral role in the Tampa Bay community, fostering partnerships with local organizations and hosting events that connect people with wildlife.

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