Top 10 Bars in New York City

10. Double Chicken Please

The unique and whimsical beverages made here are well-known for using unusual ingredients and methods.

9. Katana Kitten

This little bar specializes on precise and unusual taste combinations while providing a Japanese-inspired drink experience.

8. Dante

This vintage cocktail lounge is well known for its broad range of spirits and creatively mixed drinks.

7. Overstory

This rooftop bar serves inventive drinks crafted with seasonal ingredients and has incredible views of the metropolitan skyline.

6. Attaboy

Small and cash-only, this bar is known for its well-informed bartenders and classic beverages made with premium, fresh ingredients.

5. Employees Only

This speakeasy-style bar offers unique drinks with ingredients that are frequently produced in-house and a classy ambience.

4. The Dead Rabbit

This Irish bar serves creative drinks inspired by Irish literature and history, along with a wide whiskey selection.

3. Clover Club

This Brooklyn-based bar is well-known for its creative concoctions and commitment to utilizing in-season, fresh ingredients.

2. Martiny's

This classy bar is a popular choice for a sophisticated night out since it serves traditional drinks in a timeless environment.

1. Mace

This little bar specializes in agave spirits and serves creative drinks in addition to a large selection of mezcals and tequilas.