10 Best Things To Do In Des Moines Iowa

10 Best Things To Do In Des Moines Iowa

10 Best Things To Do In Des Moines Iowa

This list of 10 things to do in Des Moines, Iowa, is meant to give you some of the things you’ll probably love to add to your bucket list. Among the many things you can do in Moines, you can visit historical sites, explore the arts center and do many adventurous activities. Explore the things mentioned in this list to get around and enjoy your trip.

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10. Go To The Des Moines Art Center | Things to do in Des Moines Iowa

things to do in des moines iowa

To start, check out the Des Moines Art Center, This place will help you get a glimpse of the culture. There are many things for art lovers like painting showcases, photography exhibitions, beautiful sculptures, and many mixed media to see. That wouldn’t be correct either. Many famous artists like Grant Wood, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Edward Hopper have showcased their precious art forms here. Whether you are an artist lover or not, you will come here.

9. Strolling through the Downtown Farmers' Market

things to do in des moines iowa

You must have seen many markets, but one such market where there is a crowd of farmers is held from October till every Saturday morning. This market has over 300 farmers selling fresh fruits and vegetables and many also selling delicious dishes. Here you can join the farmers market for fresh vegetables and tickets, along with handmade craft wines, live music, enjoy cages and such experiences which you probably will not get in any other market.

8. Exploring the Iowa State Capitol

things to do in des moines iowa

The Iowa State Capitol is located in downtown Des Moines. This place is known for its beautiful architecture and great history. You can take a tour guide to visit the State Capitol and see its fascinating history, exquisite architectural designs like the grand staircase, and intricate woodwork. If you want to get the best view of your city then don’t forget to click on the top of the dome because from there you will get the best view of the entire city skyline.

7. Enjoying Outdoor Recreation at Gray's Lake Park

things to do in des moines iowa

Everyone goes to clubs at night, but the fun of walking under the stars in the peaceful atmosphere of Gray’s Lake Park at night is much more than the clubs. This beautiful park is located south of downtown Des Moines. Imagine yourself hiking or cycling amidst lush greenery along a beautiful lake, and if you wish, you can also rent a paddle boat or kayak and travel in the lake. You will also find sand beaches in the park and it’s beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere are best for relaxing.

6. Discovering Science at the Science Center of Iowa

things to do in des moines iowa

In this science center of Iowa for people of any age, you will get to see many types of amazing experiments and science models with which you can also interact. There are also many educational programs here to increase your knowledge. You can do live experiments in the science lap here and learn new things about space. This science center is a great option not only for education but also for fun.

5. Indulging in Culinary Delights at the East Village

things to do in des moines iowa

Experience the delicious culinary delights of Des Moines’ East Village featuring a variety of restaurants and cafes. East Village is no less than a paradise for food lovers. Be it farm-to-table dining or international cuisine, you will find all kinds of cuisines here. Apart from culinary exploration you should also explore the boutiques and art galleries here which are some good options to enjoy your night out.

4. Immersing Yourself in History at Living History Farms

things to do in des moines iowa

This Museum is a historic landmark in which you can explore historic buildings, working farms, and interactive exhibits that demonstrate the daily lives of Iowa’s early farmers. You can learn how farming really works, explore the beauty, nature and peace of agriculture, learn traditional farming techniques, crafts and cooking methods that will also help you sustain your lifestyle. At this stable, you’ll find a number of immersive experiences that will give you an insight into Iowa’s past.

3. Enjoying Live Des Moines Performing Arts

things to do in des moines iowa

In this list of things to do at night, you might have got to know about many places, but every place has its own special thing. In this list, we would like to tell you about Des Moines Performing Arts, a cultural institution where you can enjoy many types of arts. Performances and events will be seen. Other than that you can enjoy comedy shows dance performances and even concerts. Inside the state-of-the-art, you’ll find entertaining events like the Civic Center and the Temple Theatre. This place is best for music lovers and art enthusiasts.

2. Exploring the Botanical Garden and Arboretum

things to do in des moines iowa

Visit the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden to explore themed gardens, exotic plant collections, and outdoor sculptures under twinkling lights along the Des Moines River in a tranquil setting. You can explore horticultural classes, workshops, and special events to discover the beauty of nature and learn about the plant kingdom. The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden is the perfect place to connect with nature and find peace of mind.

1. Taking in the Views at the High Trestle Trail Bridge

things to do in des moines iowa

The views of the Des Moines River Valley are best during the day, but you can also explore its breathtaking views at night. You can get beautiful photos clicked by standing on the High Trestle Trail Bridge, this place is located right on the edge of the city. You can do many activities here like biking and hiking. The views seen from this bridge are so beautiful that you will not feel like coming from there.


In this list of 10 best things to do in Des Moines, Iowa, you will get many options to do at night, with the help of which you can make this journey even more adventurous and fun. Things to Know While Hiking is very important because you may also do hiking or trekking during this trip, so do not forget to pack important things. From adventurous places to educational and cultural landmarks, you will get to see everything on this list. So get ready to hit the roads.

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