Why 2024's Gen Z Travelers Want to See This ?

7. Digital Detox

About 31% of young travelers (18 to 24 years old) choose non-digital cameras for their travels.

6. Prevent Loneliness

Traveling is sometimes the only way to prevent loniliness, which affects 25% of young adults.

5. Slow Travel

They prefer longer visits over short ones because they provide more in-depth discovery and cross-cultural understanding.

4. Off-the-beaten-path destinations

They search for hidden treasures and lesser-known areas for a distinctive experience, venturing beyond popular tourist destinations.

3. Solo Travel

Solo travel is growingly popular among Gen Z and Millennials as a way to embrace freedom and self-discovery.

2. Culinary Experience

One of the main reasons people travel is to experience different cuisines and local specialties.

1. Sustainable travel

Eco-conscious choices are crucial, with a preference for companies with strong green credentials and opportunities to engage with local communities responsibly.