10 Best Things to Do In Wichita KS, USA

10 Best Things to Do In Wichita KS, USA

Things to do in wichita KS

10 Best Things to Do In Wichita KS Let’s find out what the 10 best things to do at night in Wichita, which is often called the “Air Capital of the World.” It is relatively easy to know which place to visit in Wichita because here you can probably find more than enough places to explore. Now whether the place is related to cultural heritage or is made for an art enthusiast, you will find something for everyone. You will get nothing. Make your trip easier and more adventurous by getting an overview of these places before leaving for your trip.

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10. Explore Town Wichita | Things to Do in Wichita KS

Things to do in Wichita KS

Now let’s talk about things to do in Wichita KS, No one could leave downtown behind because it all starts here. In your spare time, you can explore the many great restaurants, bars, and shops here. While passing through its beautiful streets, you can see many excellent art galleries and public attractions.

The only name of this place is Old Town, but if you look carefully, you will see many modern things here which are seen in many cities. When you go for a walk here and there during your journey, you may get to see some cuisine festivals and you will also get to see many activities.

Talking about the city at night, the city shines with colorful lights and its beauty increases at night, so we would suggest that whenever you go for a walk, you should prefer the nighttime. You can also explore other activities during that time.

9. Visit Kansas Aviation Museum

Things to do in Wichita KS

The Kansas Aviation Museum is one of the top museums here, and how can you experience Wichita’s rich aviation history without exploring it? This will help you in knowing the interesting journey of aviation from the beginning of this city till now.

The vintage aircraft, interactive displays, and Art Deco building that was once the terminal of Wichita Municipal Airport will remind you of old times. If you have ever traveled by plane then this museum will increase your interest in the history of aviation.

8. Experiencing Nature at Botanica Wichita

Things to do in Wichita KS

This garden has been built in a very large area of about 18 acres where you will get to see many types of themed parks like butterfly garden, rose garden, aquatic collection, and woodland glade. Apart from this, this place is so big that the views of greenery and beautiful flowers here cannot be compared to any national park.

This place looks many times more beautiful at night because in the theme parks here the park is decorated with colorful lights of various types of designs. This place can prove to be perfect for your peace of mind and relaxation. If you do not know much about the botanical category, many types of educational programs and events are organized here, so go and explore this place.

7. Cruising the Arkansas River

Things to do in Wichita KS

Apart from relaxing on the banks of the Arkansas River, you can also take a tour or riverboat to see this beautiful city. You will experience the city from its best angles while also gaining fresh information about it.

If you’re traveling by boat or cruise, your guide will educate you about the interesting history of your city as you go. Whether you’re traveling by river boat or cruise ship, you can always choose the best viewpoint, making it an excellent way to explore the world whether day or night.

6. Indulging in Local Cuisine at the Old Mill Tasty Shop

Things to do in Wichita KS

Treat your taste buds to a gastronomic excursion at the Old Mill Tasty Shop, a renowned Wichita institution famed for its delectable comfort cuisine and vintage elegance. This small cafe, housed in a historic flour mill built in the 1930s, provides classic American dishes with a contemporary touch.

Enjoy Less Known soups, sandwiches, and desserts cooked from scratch using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Remember to try the shop’s famed milkshakes and malts as a sweet finish to your meal.

Other Places to Eat in Wichita KS

  • Doo-Dah Diner
  • Public at the Brickyard
  • Siena Tuscan
  • Steakhouse
  • Yokohama Ramen Joint
  • Ziggy’s Pizza
  • The Monarch
  • Thai House
  • The Anchor
  • Molino’s Mexican Cuisine

5. Discovering Art and Culture at the Wichita Art Museum

Things to do in Wichita KS

Immerse yourself in Wichita’s dynamic arts scene by visiting the Wichita Art Museum, which has a remarkable collection of American art spanning more than 300 years. Explore galleries that feature paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts by prominent artists such as John Steuart Curry, Mary Cassatt, and Winslow Homer. Attend exceptional exhibitions, seminars, and workshops that will provide insight into the Midwest’s cultural legacy. With its wide collection and entertaining programming, the Wichita Art Museum is a cultural treasure that should not be missed.

4. Embracing the Outdoors at Sedgwick County Park

Things to do in Wichita KS

WichitaArt’s stories span more than three centuries of Native American art, with their impressive impact and rich storytelling, bringing you to today’s Beaches that are unlike anything you’ll find. Here you will find different types of artists like painting, showcasing, sculptures, and decorative. You will find many more similar artworks created by great and famous artists such as John Stuart Curry, Mary Cassatt, and Winslow Homer.

3. Soaring to New Heights at the Exploration Place

Things to do in Wichita KS

Situated on the banks of the Arkansas River, this excellent museum is an extraordinary place for science lovers. There are many such projections in this museum which will help you in knowing new things and new heights of science, and also, if seen from the perspective of a tourist, there are many such amazing things here which you might have never seen before and As a Tourist, you are going to like this thing very much. Apart from this, if you want, you can build your inventions here in the maker space and also do not forget to explore the science garden here. The architecture here and the modern feel here will look exactly like a scene from a movie.

2. Getting Your Adrenaline Pumping at All Star Adventures

Things to do in Wichita KS

As soon as you enter here, you will see many rides, the most interesting place of Wichita which is the best adventure place for both kids and adults. Here you will get to see many adventurous rides like bumper cars, go-karts, and roller coasters. This is the best place for a joyful experience and to visit with your friends and families.

1. Experiencing History at the Museum of World Treasures

Things to do in Wichita KS

The Museum of World Treasures is a one-of-a-kind institution that preserves and shares the world’s cultural history. Discover relics and exhibitions that span thousands of years, from ancient civilizations to modern marvels. Marvel at dinosaur fossils, Egyptian mummies, and medieval armor while learning about the people and events that impacted our planet. With its wide collection and entertaining displays, the Museum of World Treasures provides an intriguing peek into the past.


As we finish our review of the top ten things to do in Wichita, KS, I hope you are encouraged to start on your trip in this lively Wichita city. Between seeing historic monuments and enjoying the great outdoors, Wichita has many options for discovery and pleasure. So grab your luggage, hit the road, and prepare to see everything Wichita has to offer. Your Kansas adventure awaits!


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